Volunteer in Faith Formation

catechist aide, hallway monitor, etc.


The St. Philip bilingual Faith Formation (FF) Program normally runs from late September to early May every year with a few breaks in between.  See our Class Schedules

The Campfire youth group holds indoor and outdoor activities, and monitors are always needed.  Need not be enrolled in the Faith Formation program to participate, but volunteers are required to complete background check and Virtus training. 

Positions/roles available include, but are not limited to:
Catechist ─ Follow lesson plan to teach, attend catechist in-services and occasional retreats
Catechist Aide (Classroom Aide) ─ Assist catechist in classroom setting, substitute if needed, attend catechist in-services and occasional retreats
Hall Monitor ─ Supervise children in hallways and/or The Campfire events. Ensure that children return to class promptly (particularly if enrolled in the FF Program) and avoid areas designated as off-limits.
Special Event Helper (Meetings, retreats, FF Posada or End of Year FF Party) ─ Help when you can by setting up chairs/tables, serving dishes, cleaning tables, sweeping during special events
Child Care ─ Sporadically provide children activities (ie. games, coloring, movie) to ensure their safety during Parent Meetings/retreats 

Applicant Criteria

  • Reliable Adults (or as young as 16 years of age w/parental consent)
  • Must have sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, 1st Eucharist/Communion, and Confirmation).
    Adults, refer to RCIA│RICA page for more info on registering to receive any sacraments you need.
  • Being bilingual and having previous experience working with children are a plus.

  Required Safe Environment Training & Documents

  Upon approval by someone from our parish personnel, FF volunteers will be asked to complete the following:


Step 1

Complete the online FF Volunteer Pre-registration form below. Someone from our Faith Formation Office will be contacting you soon after you submit the form. 

Step 2

Begin completing the required volunteer paperwork only after you have passed the pre-screening with Parroquial Vicar Fr. Juan M. Zarate, FF Director David Bisonó, or FF Administrative Assist. Diana Sturgeon

If you have  further questions or concerns, free free to contact Diana at (920) 468-7848 Ext. 105 or dsturgeon@stphilipcong.org 


Top 10 reasons to become a catechist

FF Volunteer Pre-registration
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