Faith Formation Lesson Plans

By Class/Group




Some groups are a combination of 1st – 6th grade students in 
Sacramental Prep (SP) and in Transition (T) to Confirmation (Cf) Prep


SP= Students being prepared to receive 1st Communion in Spring 2022 or 2023
T= Students who have received 1st Communion and are in transition to begin Cf prep
      when they're at least in 7th grade.

English   Spanish
SP 1-3E ─ Engracia Enriquez   SP 1-2S ─ Maria Garcia & Maria Ponce
SP 4-6E + T 3-6E ─ Maria Salas   SP 3S + T 3S ─ Maria "Charis" Abundiz
    SP 4-6S + T 4-6S ─ Carina Santos & Gaudencio Perez



Confirmation Prep
Middle School & High School

  MSC1 7th & 8th + HSC1 9th-11th ─ David Bisono
MSC3 (A&B) 7th & 8th* ─ Brian Haanen 
• MSC3 (C&D) 9th & 10th + HSC2 10th-12th* ─ Maria R. Gomez



*Students receiving Sacrament of Confirmation in Spring 2022