About our Parish


In 1940 on September 8th, Bishop Paul Peter Rhode dedicated our facility. For over 70 years St. Philip the Apostle Parish has been a Church that is alive and well, celebrating our faith through Mass celebrations.  As we advance the mission of Christ, we continue to support and grow our ministries.

We have a youth ministry that encourages our youth and brings them along in the excitement of leading a life filled with stewardship that will only make their lives more meaningful. As a community of God, we support several outreach programs to help those in need, continue to grow our Stewardship message and offer many other opportunities for our parishioners to participate. We have several celebrations to show our appreciation for the efforts many put forward each year.

While the precise ways in which the Church will continue to proclaim the Gospel might be unclear to anyone but God, we will continue to be alive and well for the generations that follow us-all because of our faith in the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit, who inspires us to dream bigger dreams than we ever thought possible.

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to our parish family.  Please visit us for an uplifting Mass celebration or just stop in and visit with us at the parish center.

Simply call us at 920-468-7848 or contact Lynn Corroy at lcorroy@stphilipcong.org

We would enjoy meeting you!


 St. Philip Mission Statement

 We, the people of St. Philip the Apostle Parish,

Identify ourselves as a diverse, welcoming

Community of Christians.

We strive to be faithful to the life and message of

Jesus Christ and commit ourselves to His

Mission and Ministry through

Worship, education, stewardship and service.