Dominican Republic & Haiti Mission Groups Have Returned

    Our 2017 mission groups have all returned from Dominican Republic and Haiti, and all the projects we helped work on with have been a success.

     Once again we want to thank all who helped sponsor this year’s projects with their monetary donations; these building projects of rural chapels and community development projects would not have happened without your financial help.

    The 20’ by 40’ container and the donated school bus projects, blessed with the support of Bishop Ricken and the Catholic Foundation, have arrived safely to their destinations.  The shipping container brought new and used bakery equipment and supplies to the parish bakery in Elías Piña, and the tractor is now at work in the fields; this was indeed a successful project that has brought some many blessings to the parish schools and community projects in both the D.R. and Haiti.


2018   Projects

     In the near future, we will be posting the dates and places for our 2018 mission trips.   We hope you might consider joining us for this mission experience, and to help make these projects possible with your financial support.  We’ll keep you posted!

Submitted by Diana Sturgeon
Date Published: 03/09/2017