The Faces of Stewardship


Stewardship... is a big part of what makes up the Community of St Philip the Apostle Parish. The following are pictures of "Stewardship... in action"!

Trial blog entry

This is a . . . Read More

Appreciating our Volunteers

We have so many wonderful volunteers here at St Philip Parish... that come in all shapes and sizes! Go ahead girls... have another one! They're delicious and you deserve . . . Read More

Appreciation Sunday

The Adult Center was jam-packed with the many wonderful people who help in so many ways here at St Philip. They enjoyed the cinnamon rolls as well as the good company of one . . . Read More

Appreciation Preparation

Our "cinnamon roll crew" started early Sunday morning baking and frosting 240 rolls for our Parish Appreciation after the Sunday Masses on April . . . Read More

The St Philip Family Tree

Did you know St Philip has it's very own "Family Tree" in back of church through the Christmas Season. People are invited to bring in a special ornament from their home to place upon our Family Tree. Each year these ornaments come out and adorn our very special St . . . Read More

Selling Haiti Cards

Special hand-made greeting cards were on display and for sale at our December 11th Christmas Bake Sale at St Philip Parish.

The people of St Philip Parish have been making and selling these greeting cards for years - and their proceeds go to Friends of Haiti. On the second Tuesday . . . Read More

St Philip Holiday Bake Sale Volunteers

Every year St Philip's Altar Society sponsors a Christmas bake sale. They call upon all the wonderful bakers in the parish and ask for bakery donations for the big sale. And the parish comes through with oodles and oodles of their favorite Christmas recipes. They also have raffles and sell other . . . Read More

Good Times at Riverside

Sing along Christmas songs and a little silliness too... as all the "Bills" in the crowd were called upon to lead us ito the tune of "Sleight . . . Read More

Riverside Smiling Faces

If you were there you had a great time! We laughed and sang and gave away lots and lots of prizes. Were you a lucky . . . Read More

Riverside Silent Auction

The Silent Auction area was loaded with beautiful baskets and items that you just couldn't resist bidding . . . Read More

Christmas at Riverside

Santa José, Antonio Saldana, and St Nicholas Plier were all in their best outfits... adding to the festive atmosphere of the . . . Read More

Making Rosaries

This week the ladies were busy assembling rosaries in the Alumni Room. After they are all set to go they are packaged and shipped to various mission churches in need. Thanks ladies - for helping to make a . . . Read More

Rosary Makers

This is the other half of our rosary makers. Besides helping poor parishes across the country... these ladies had fun chit-chatting and putting them . . . Read More

Reverse Collection

Our parish did a "Reverse Collection" Nov 13/14 inviting people to take out a slip of paper with a food item needed at the pantry. The food then started collecting in the Helping Hands bin in back of church. Within a week the bin was bulging at . . . Read More

Food donations delivered

Mike and Con had the job of packing up and loading all the food in the Helping Hands bin over to St Bernard's pantry. Sr Caroline says their shelves are well stocked for the holidays. Thanks to everyone for your . . . Read More